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I’ve always had pussy drama.

Most women today have a vagina and some of them can be very sensitive. I can remember being a little girl and complaining to my mom about my pussy hurting and she did the best she could with assorted creams and home remedies in the 1970’s. I’m so glad I’m a big girl now and can google stuff. Here is how I deal with a touchy twat that I have known for almost 50 years.

1. Baby Wipes – What do you call a chick buying baby wipes but she has no babies? A slut… or maybe just the owner of a sensitive vagina. One of my porn star pals turned me onto wipes about a decade ago as they helped her keep that area calm on set. I go thru about 70 wipes a week. Definitely pick an unscented hypoallergenic brand like Seventh Generation or Honest Wipes or if you’re strapped for cash try Food 4 Less. It has a great selection of feminine protection including fragrance free. These can really help prevent a yeast infection, but if it goes there, Food4Less has generic creams and suppositories for that, too. Sometimes they have to use the key to take the good good out of the cabinet, but who cares. You’re in Food4Less. You’re shameless.
Always use a wipe or two after intercourse and be a sweetheart and dab his dick down, even let him have his own wipe, even an expensive brand.

2. Threelac – In my early 30’s yeast infections started being a big part of my life. My PH was off and any amount of moisture, tight jeans, sex, all the good stuff seemed to be sending me to the drugstore or the gyno to get the Diflucan pill. Quite a few co-pays in I found out about a chill powder that dissolves in your mouth a few times a day and helps restore your balance with its blend of probiotics. I had good experiences dealing with Mike Winnicki who is a distrubutor and gets your order out pronto. I am not even getting a pimping cut, that is how much I believe in this product (hint, Mike) Anyway, the powder has a low-key refreshing taste and Mike’s customer service is refreshing.

3. Pantyliners – when I started running about 5 years ago it was hell on my vag. It seemed the toned bod I was developing on the track always itched in the middle. I was running with this virgin in her early 20’s who had been taught culturally to keep herself extremely clean. When I was bitching about the risk of sweaty yoga pants she suggested a pantyliner when I ran. pretty soon I was wearing them 24/7. One word: UNSCENTED and I wonder if she’s still a virgin.

4. Folic Acid and B12 – Bacterial Vaginosis may not itch and burn like a yeast infection but it has a foul odor and according to a nurse I met at Kaiser who looked like a 70’s horror movie nurse (in a good way) yeast infections are an acid imbalance and BV is from alkaline issues. I would get BV from either using soap containing Sodium Laureth Sulfate (most soaps) or cum. I was having to go to Kaiser and go thru STD tests to be sure and then take Flagyl which worked right away on the BV, but you can’t drink with it so it helps your alcoholism as well, After several visits for this pussy drama, I googled that a Folic Acid B-12 combo can help regulate this problem so you can skip the Flagyl and keep partying. I was under 40 so I did. Now I avoid BV by not letting guys cum in me and I suggest you do the same. It’s overrated.

Now that momma has shared her seasoned advice for the ladies, let’s not leave the boys out. I have heard from several of my cubs that they found respectful casual sex situations off sites like Adult Friend Finder. Both guys and girls pay so it eliminates the spam and cam and you meet people serious about casual. Of course as a guy you have to put in the time but from my experience on there, younger men make connections, and if you read this entire article, you will have a much better understanding of vaginas and a leg up on the competition. Yes, I do get a cut of this even if you just click and check it out! No risk but if you pay to join and hook up, practice safety and kindness!
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