Midnight Cougar

I’m impatient waiting to be interviewed about my show Hello Cougar live on www.dromebox.com every Saturday night at midnight so I’ve interviewed myself.

Q: On your reality sex-talk show show you are a cougar having sex with cubs aged 18 to 30 that you meet off Craig’s List. Do you fear for your safety?

No, as far as the sex goes, we are using condoms and I talk to the guys on the phone, google them, feel good about them. With the internet now there is no reason for a first date with a project like this. I do fear for my safety every time I leave the house though. That’s just reality.

Q: How has the sex been so far?

I have been with about 8 cubs so far and none of it has been bad. I am shooting for 6 months so 24 Cubs total. Someone is gonna be bad and I am sure there will be some more jerky shit, so I am fearful of bad sex and annoyance, yes.

Thank God for open-minded types.

Q: What made you want to do this?

I notice on porn sites there are so many pop ups that say “Would you fuck an older lady…that lived near you.” I wanted to prove that lots of young men would actually drive maybe half an hour or more to experience a cougar, MILF or GILF, hey just a woman, and many want to make it a recurring trip. So far no one has hit me up for gas money!

Q: Tell us about the casting process

I really appreciate the cubs who come on my show so I try to keep it as simple as possible and not get into tons of texts. I have been casting off Craigslist and my post usually gets flagged within 12 hours. It’s not iilegal in any way and I am clear about that. It usually gets flagged after a guy my age tells me I’m missing out, etc but they have to understand that is not the theme of the show. It’s about older women and younger men.

Q: Have you ever had a successful relationship with a younger man?

Unless you call filing joint restraining orders succesful, then no.

We feature up-and-coming female comics (#femcoms) like the lovely Kari Assad.

Q: You have been working with www.dromebox.com for about a year and a half. Tell us about who helps you put Hello,Cougar together.

Ashley is my director, set designer and safety backup and she get’s the guys’ contact info. She is my friend in real life and I get to talk sex or shit with her all week. I have to remember this is not her only show. Nolan and Louis are cute Jewish brothers who run Drome with her. They are 100% supportive of the show and Nolan is my Andy Warhol. I appreciate him letting muses my age have shows. A lot of mature talent is side stepped in maintstream media. What these guys are doing for comedy in LA is as refreshing as Four Loco and I also produce a Thursday night stand up show there called Girls Drink Free. They are workaholics and compatible with other workaholics. Just leave Louis alone and let him work. I have a Director of Photography on the show who doubles as my Man-Pet but I’m going to keep his name out of the press for now.My dear friends Josh Fong and Dennis Devine have designed and edited the fuck out of the show for me, respectfully.

Q: How is your regular dating life going?

I am trying not to date right now because I am so focused and sexually active as part of the show, plus all I am going to talk about on the show is how fun and weird the show is, and I don’t think a guy wants to hear me talk about the guys I fuck while he buys me drinks. Then again, if that guy is reading this, definitley reach out.

Q: Good luck with the rest of the show

Cool, I have four more months so will wrap right before the holidays.
I am meeting a lot of nice guys and getting to bond with female comics so it’s all very interesting but I will be going home to spend time with my parents for Christmas. They don’t watch the show and we won’t be talking about it. In fact, we’ll barely be talking. I’m proud to be from Florida by way of England and growing up there got me ready for a lot of challenges I have faced such as low grade overdoses and trouble with the law. I can usually talk myself down from a panic attack by looking in the mirror and saying “You’re from Florida. You’ve smoked crack.”


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  1. Saw your add on cl but it got flagged before I could response to it I’m 29 stay in sylmar would love to be one of your cubs I’m Latino 5’7 170lbs have 7.5 uncut cool

  2. Don’t waste your time on cubs. I am a representative of mature men who want a taste. Men who want you to recognize that experience trumps ignorance.

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