A Very Special Special

Impervert2Last year my hypnotherapist and I were envisioning a comedy special for me. Like all my dreams, it came thru in a ghetto fabulous way. If you follow me you know I’ve been having fun the last couple of months with Paris Kennedy on the set of Kitten2Cougar which we shoot live every Saturday at midnight at Drome Box Labs We showcase the talent of up and coming male comics then hang out with them, finding out about their gigs and sex lives. Paris and I also have all kinds of segments on the show like Dead Guy Crush, EBT Moment of the Week and Man vs. Machine, where we decide if we would rather fuck a certain person or just use a Hitachi. Paris asks the comics personal questions and gets the real story behind their dick jokes. We’re always trying to have them fuck me and it doesn’t always work but we have fun and we really put it out there, so tune in.
Besides us objectifying younger men, the show has been fun due to the creative team at Drome. Ashley, Nolan and Louis are very fun and open to work with and we’re really happy to be part of the Drome family, #Taboo, so when I found out I had a Wednesday Night off from the Comedy Store I asked if I could do a half hour special at Drome Box Labs, which is a swank TV studio in the heart of Boyle Heights. Apparently the studio is a converted theatre so it’s haunted (how cliche!) Good news is I’d love to fuck a ghost, I mean a real ghost not just a guy who vanishes. I’d love to walk into a bar and when I ask if anyone has seen some hipster dude I hooked up with around, Have the bartender say “He died in 1972.” Maybe the town drunk could add “That’s why he’s not texting back.”
Boyle Heights (for those of you who don’t and do live here) is in East LA and no one wants to go there so it’s where I may move. It has a largely Mexican population and rumor has it they don’t want people switching things up. Well, don’t worry, I just look like I’m into gentrification. I like safety and sleaze and I have been feeling Boyle Heights, plus it sounds kinda Irish.
Regarding tonight’s show it will be filmed in front of zero audience sans ghosts, and cameramen who have headphones on, hopefully listening to tunes and not a funnier comic. I am being asked if it’s going to be awkward. Yes, but so is everything for me, so is pumping gas. I grew up in a British household so not reliant on emotional support. I was the side bitch of my family, didn’t even get the accent. I do have the inability to love or be loved, which is very British. Don’t worry Fellas. I have a British accent online. Tune in tonight at 9pm PST at DROMEBOX.COM (reruns starting next week) and if you tweet @SallyMullins1 I’ll give you a post show shout out. I’m excited to perform for no one. I’ll basically be jerking off, and that always ends well.

If you want to see me at a show with an audience, check me out here.

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