New Headshots


Western Elfin Mom – headshots by Dave Cobert.  [email protected]  for info.

My talented friend Dave Cobert took some new headshots of me. He’s an actor and comic who also really likes being a photographer. There is none of this “Let me knock off a quickie so I can pay my bills.” vibe about Dave. As a successful working actor he has a great eye for what casting directors are looking for and he’s completely affordable, unless you’re a major loser.


Adopt don’t shop! Fuck puppy Mills!

When he shoots you you really feel like he’s having fun. I mean who knows if he is- he’s an actor, but you get a long shoot, lots of changes and a guy who is just as focused as his lens. I can’t say enough good stuff about Dave and he can be reached at [email protected].  Here are some of our pics from a few weeks ago. They are raw but I’m running them by my rep before we get touchy.  I did my makeup on this shoot because everytime someone else does I look transgender. It’s not a bad look, but not what I’m going for.

My agent said this one works for hooking.


I’ll be at the Comedy Store tonight in the Hot Girls of Comedy, Friday in the Original Room, Saturday at Tao Comedy Studios and Sunday Hosting Bobbie Oliver’s class grad show  in the Flappers main room.  Yeah, Dave took this pic, too.  He does whatever it take to get that shot! 


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