Intoducing Dirk

As promised, a picture of my new Manchester Terrrier, Dirk. My ex-boyfriend found him wandering the streets of Mission Hills while he was wandering the streets of Mission Hills. Depite the fact that DIrk is neutered and docked ears and a cropped tail (body kit) nobody called despite us hanging signs up and placing ads on Craigs list. We went by the shelters but my ex did not want to leave Dirk there. It is the best way for a lost dog to be found by his people, so we did fill out forms at the shelter and they checked for a microchip on Dirk- none. That means I’ll be taking Dirk to get chipped and making an honest man out of him. Isn’t he gorgeous? Manchester Terriers look like little Dobermans. That’s my greencard husband’s dog Bo in the picture as well.

I did a show for Bobbie Oliver a couple of weeks ago at Bar Lubitsch in Hollywood. It’s a beautiful little Russian themed club where I was performing with this guy, David Ury. If he looks familiar it’s because he got an ATM dropped on him on Breaking Bad. He’s a terrific stand-up comic and sweetheart. I am back working with Bobbie Oliver and her show Bobbie Olivers Sunday Best on Sunday, Feb. 10 at the Icehouse.

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